Dr. JJ Hurtak And Dr. Desiree Hurtak On Fade To Black May 15th

Dr. JJ Hurtak And Dr. Desiree Hurtak

On Fade To Black

May 15th 2017

Ancient Egypt: Electric Power Systems


DR. J. J. HURTAK, Ph.D., Ph.D., M.Th. and Dr. DESIREE HURTAK, Ph.D., MS. Sc. are founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international NGO that works to bring cooperation between science and consciousness to assist the various cultures of the world.

Drs. Hurtak have accomplished extensive archeological studies in Egypt and were one of the principal discoverers in 1997 of the “Tomb of Osiris” on the Giza Plateau.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak is the author of numerous books including, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, translated into seventeen languages and the End of Suffering that he co-authored with physicist Russell Targ. Together, the Hurtaks have written several books including their latest, Overself Awakening.

The Hurtaks have also written several commentaries on the ancient Egyptian-Coptic manuscripts of The Pistis Sophia and The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene).

Their most recent book entitled Mind Dynamics is on remote viewing co-authored with physicist Elizabeth Rauscher.


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Corey Goode On Fade To Black May 16th

Corey Goode On Fade To Black

May 16th 2017

On Unity And Community



Corey Goode was identified as an intuitive empath (IE) and recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six.

Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976-1986/87. Toward the end of his time at MILAB he was assigned to fill an IE support role for a rotating Earth Delegate Seat (shared by secret earth government groups) in a “human-type” ET SuperFederation Council.

Goode’s IE abilities played an important role in communicating with non-terrestrial beings as part of one of the Secret Space Programs (SSP). During his 20 year service he had a variety of experiences and assignments in-
cluding the Intruder Intercept Interrogation Program, Assignment to the ASSR (Auxiliary Specialized Space Research), the SRV, (Interstellar Class Vessel) and much more. This all occurred in a “20 and Back” agreement from 1986/87-2007 with recall work continuing up to the present day.

Website: https://spherebeingalliance.com

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Fader Night – May 17th

Fader Night

May 17th 2017



It’s Fadernight!

YOUR calls, YOUR thoughts, YOUR voice.

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Fade To Black Off Air – Thursday

Fade To Black Off Air

May 18th 2017

Prepare To Make Contact In The Desert


Jimmy And Rita have their hands full with getting ready for CITD 2017. So sit back relax and pull up a replay. OR, if you have a premium membership, you can enjoy the evening with ANY episode we have in the archives.



Contact In The Desert 2017 On Fade To Black May 19th

Contact In The Desert 2017 On Fade To Black

May 19th 2017


This is our annual live broadcast Special Event from Contact in the Desert, 2017 with a live studio audience.

Our guests, like every year, will be announced the day of the show…we usually have 12-14 of the very best authors and researchers for one of the most exciting and fun evenings all year on FADE to BLACK.

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