Russell Targ And Lance Mungia On Fade To Black

Russell Targ And Lance Mungia

On Fade To Black

March 18th, 2019


Third Eye Spies


Russell Targ And Lance Mungia On Fade To Black
Russell Targ is a physicist, author, ESP researcher, and laser pioneer. At Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and 1980s, Targ and his colleagues founded a 23-year, $25-million research program into psychic abilities and their operational use, for the U.S. intelligence community, including the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency. These abilities are referred to collectively as “remote viewing.”

Targ’s group of remarkable psychics demonstrated accurate and reliable abilities that were used to locate a Russian bomber, describe a Chinese atomic bomb test, help locate kidnapped Patricia Hearst, the US hostages in Iran, and many other exploits.Russell Targ And Lance Mungia On Fade To Black

Third Eye Spies is a new documentary feature film by award winning director Lance Mungia. It chronicles the lifelong journey of physicist Russell Targ, co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute’s CIA supported ESP research program. Targ’s quest has been to reveal to the world the reality of ESP and the fact every intelligence agency of the U.S. government has used “psi” or what came to be known as “remote viewing” operationally for intelligence gathering against the Soviets and others. This 23-year program had oversight at the very highest levels.


Riz Virk On Fade To Black March 19th

Riz Virk On Fade To Black

March 19th, 2019


Special Guest


Riz Virk On Fade To Black March 19th
Rizwan “Riz” Virk is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, bestselling author, video game industry pioneer, and independent film producer.

Riz currently runs Bayview Labs and Play Labs at MIT, a startup accelerator held on campus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Riz received a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, and a M.S. in Management from Stanford’s GSB.

Riz’s many startups have created products used by thousands of enterprise customers, and his games have been downloaded millions of times, including Tap Fish, Bingo Run, Penny Dreadful: Demimonde, and Grimm: Cards of Fate.
Riz Virk On Fade To Black March 19th
Riz is a prolific Silicon Valley angel investor, having invested in many startups including Tapjoy, Telltale Games, Discord, Funzio, Pocket Gems, Moon Express and many others.

Riz has produced many indie films, including Turquoise Rose, Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, Sirius, and the cult classic Knights of Badassdom, starring Peter Dinklage.

Tonight we are going to discuss his latest book: The Simulation Hypothesis. Drawing from research and concepts from computer science, artificial intelligence, video games, quantum physics, and referencing both speculative fiction and ancient eastern spiritual texts, Riz will tell us how all of these traditions come together to point to the idea that we may be inside a simulated reality like the Matrix.


JJ And Desiree Hurtak On Fade To Black March 20th

JJ And Desiree Hurtak On Fade To Black

March 20th, 2019



JJ And Desiree Hurtak On Fade To Black March 20th
J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. are social scientists, futurists and founders of The Academy For Future Science. They have been researchers in the field of UFO study for over 40 years. They were scientific consultants for Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller of an alien encounter entitled The Doomsday Conspiracy, working closely with Astronaut Gordon Cooper. They are on the Board of Directors with FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetics) associated with their colleague, the late Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.
Dr. JJ Hurtak along with Dr. John Mack and Dr. Scott Jones was a presenter at the first government disclosure on ET intelligence in Washington DC (1995), When Cosmic Cultures Meet.JJ And Desiree Hurtak On Fade To Black March 20th

In 1977 he was a presenter at the First World Congress on OVNIs in Acapulco Mexico with J. Allen Hynek, and the first to give a detailed description of EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) to the world press (El Universal) in Mexico City. He gave personal briefings to the government of Mexico and encouraged Jaime Maussan to investigate UFOs in the late 1970s. The Hurtaks are recognized for their development of a new ET based cosmology.

They are also well known for their films on conscious evolution, including Merkabah, The Light Body, Gateways to the Light, and Voice of a Zulu Shaman: Credo Mutwa for which they have received numerous film awards. Among the films Dr. J.J. Hurtak has appeared in as a UFO expert are The Hidden Hand by James Carman and Packing for Mars by director Frank Jacobs and Screen Addiction’s Tonia Madenford.

Tonight we are going to discuss their new book: Giza’s Industrial Complex: Ancient Egypt’s Electrical Power and Gas Generating System.


Fader Night - Open Lines - March 21st

Fader Night

March 21st 2019


Fader Night - Open Lines - March 21st


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