Fader Night – August 14th

Fader Night

August 14th 2017



It’s Fadernight! …. WOOT! Doing it early this week!!! Yes we know it’s a Monday… 🙂

YOUR calls, YOUR thoughts, YOUR voice.

All that…


No More Fake News with Jon Rappoport.

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Laird Scranton On Fade To Black August 15th

Laird Scranton On Fade To Black

August 15th 2017

The Gods of Egypt


Laird Scranton is an independent software designer from Albany, New York who writes about ancient mysteries, cosmology and language. His work includes articles published in the University of Chicago’s Anthropology News academic journal, in Temple University’s Encyclopedia of African Religion, and in the Vassar Quarterly Magazine. His book “The Science of the Dogon” was taught at Colgate University under the title “Hidden Meanings: A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization.”

His books include: Sacred Symbols of the Dogon, The Science of the Dogon, The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol and his latest: The Mystery of Skara Brae.

Tonight we are going to discuss ancient Egypt and their Gods…and his latest research around the world.

Website: http://lairdscranton.com

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David Wilcock On Fade To Black August 16th

David Wilcock On Fade To Black

August 16th 2017

The Fight for Earth Update



David Wilcock is the author of the bestselling books, “The Source Field Investigations” and “The Synchronicity Key”.

David is a renowned filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. As a professional lecturer, his foundation lies in scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

He is the host of Cosmic Disclosure for Gaia, is featured on History’s Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast AM and of course, Fade to Black…

Tonight we are going to get all of the updates from around the world… the current climate of attempted influence from the Dark Alliance and what we can do about it…

Website: http://www.divinecosmos.com/

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OFF AIR – August 17th


August 17th 2017