Mel Fabregas On Fade To Black August 22nd

Mel Fabregas On Fade To Black

August 22nd 2017

On Ufology, Parapolitics, And Media


Since 2008, Mel Fabregas has hosted The Veritas Show… he has interviewed the who’s who of UFOlogy, conspiracies, paranormal, alternative news/history/archeology and health.

He has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in international business administration from the University of Texas.

Mel has appeared on History Channel’s Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, several domestic and international radio shows, and has served as master of ceremonies and moderator at a number of related events. VERITAS’ main purpose is to probe the depths of the hidden and obscured issues that affect the very core of humanity today and to find the answers to the primordial questions.


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Brad Olsen On Fade To Black August 23rd

Brad Olsen On Fade To Black

August 23rd 2017

The Solar Eclipse


Brad Olsen’s is author of nine books including two in his Esoteric Series: “Modern Esoteric” and “Future Esoteric.” An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact in the Desert, Awareness Life Expo, the 5D events and dozens of radio (including Coast to Coast) and television shows (including Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, and Mysteries of the National Parks).

In August, 2017, Brad Olsen will start hosting his radio show “The Esoteric Circle” on several internet radio networks. Brad is a founder and co-producer of the How Weird Street Faire in the SOMA neighborhood of his home-base San Francisco. Brad was featured on the front page of SF Bay Guardian in September 2014. The Chicago native’s esoteric writing continues to reach a wide audience while he continues breaking ground in alternative journalism, public speaking, illustration and photography.


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Ralph Ellis On Fade To Black August 24th

Ralph Ellis On Fade To Black

August 24th 2017

Adam And Eve – Rewriting History


Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical and Egyptian history for more than 30 years. Being independent from theological and educational establishments allows Ralph to tread where others do not dare, and it is through this independence that Ralph has discovered so many new biblical and historical truths.

His books include: Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs, Eden in Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti, The King Jesus Trilogy, Cleopatra to Christ: Jesus: the great-grandson of Cleopatra, Thoth, Architect of the Universe and his latest work: The Grail Cypher, where Ralph explains that Arthurian history is actually based upon Gospel history.


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