Manu Seyfzadeh On Fade To Black October 8th

Manu Seyfzadeh On Fade To Black

October 8th 2018


The Great Pyramid Code


Manu Seyfzadeh is of Persian and German descent. He is a practicing dermatologist in Southern California and has a background in physical sciences, trained in microbiology and molecular generics.

He became interested in Egyptology after reading Bauval’s ‘The Orion Mystery’.

Manu’s book, ‘The Khnum-Re-Horakhty Cycle: The Idea behind the Architectural Design of Khufu’s Great Pyramid’ deciphers how the timing of the most sacred celestial objects observed by the ancient Egyptians first became geometry and then the core design of the most famous monument in the world. The conclusion is unmistakable.

Manu has also co-authored articles with Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval where they explore the true origin of the Great Sphinx – a quest that led them all to yet another ancient Egyptian creation story and the code that started it all.



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Christopher Dunn On Fade To Black October 9th

Christopher Dunn On Fade To Black

October 9th 2018


The Giza Power Plant


Christopher Dunn has worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing from machinist, toolmaker, programmer and operator of high-power industrial lasers, Project Engineer and Laser Operations Manager.

Chris’s pyramid odyssey began in 1977 after he read Peter Tompkins’ book ‘Secrets of the Great Pyramid’.

His immediate reaction after learning of the Great Pyramid’s precision and design characteristics was to consider that this edifice may have had an original purpose that differed from conventional opinion.

Chris concluded that it must have originally been built to provide a highly technical society with energy—in short, it was a very large machine.
In 1998, “The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt” was published. Considered to be one of the most important books written on the subject, today it is required reading for anyone interested in pyramid history.

Chris’s second book, ‘Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt’ was published in 2010. In this work, Chris focuses on the manufacturing capabilities of the ancient Egyptians and the magisterial characteristics of Egyptian architectural and manufacturing wizardry.

Chris has published over a dozen magazine articles, including the much quoted “Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt” in Analog, August 1984, and has had his research referenced in over a dozen books on Egypt. In the United States he has appeared on PAX Television, the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Lifetime Television.


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Brad Klausen On Fade To Black October 10th

Brad Klausen On Fade To Black

October 10th 2018


Jacob’s Ladder


Brad Klausen grew up in Southern California and moved to Seattle in 1999 to begin a nine-year career as the in-house graphic designer for Pearl Jam.

In July 2007 he launched Artillery Design, his one-man design shop where he continues to make posters for Pearl Jam, Built to Spill, Widespread Panic, and many other bands.

Brad’s book, ‘NEW From a Basement in Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen‘ is an extensive look into the creative process through which Brad generates imagery for rock posters for Pearl Jam, Built to Spill, Queens of the Stone Age and others.

Tonight we will discuss Klausen’s journey in discovering the symbology in ancient Egyptian art and sculpture and his contribution to the Magical Egypt documentary and symposium and how he uses it today in his own artwork- both personal and in the world of Rock and Roll.


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