An0maly On Fade To Black October 15th

An0maly On Fade To Black

October 15th 2018


Sanity Is Still Legal


New Jersey raised. West Virginia affiliated. California living – An0maly is a groundbreaking news analyst, hip-hop artist, video producer & creative visionary. Combining elements of spirituality, philosophy & real life; An0maly has become a leading voice of this generation as well as a legendary rapper/poet.




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Leo Zagami On Fade To Black October 16th

Leo Zagami On Fade To Black

October 16th 2018


Invisible Masters: On Prophets, Initiates, And Magicians


Leo Zagami decided in 2006 to walk out from what he perceived as the criminal side of the New World Order after three years of internal conflicts. Zagami is still at present Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis. Between 2009 and 2014 Zagami published 12 books, two of which were co-written with Benjamin Fulford and another two co-written with Princess Kaouru Nakamaru on the Vatican and the New World Order. His 1,500 page trilogy called “Le Confessioni di un illuminato” dedicated to espionage, Knights Templars and Satanism in the Vatican and what some say might have become one of the main reasons for the abdication of Pope Ratzinger due to is accurate documentation and revelations.

Zagami who has been in the past involved with the production of documentaries for the english web tv ENIGMA TV, now appears regularly on the popular Italian tv show “Mistero” on Italia 1 and in numerous conferences and seminars around Italy.

Zagami currently has a five-book deal with CCC Publishing and his current release is ‘The Invisible Master: The Puppeteers Hidden Power’ where he reveals long-hidden information behind the extraterrestrial phenomenon. With extreme clarity, Zagami discusses the prophets, initiates and magicians who have discovered, over time, this otherworldly connection. He unveils the truth about where we come from, and the reasons behind the political and religious choices we have made during our long march through history.


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Michael Lee Hill On Fade To Black October 17th

Michael Lee Hill On Fade To Black

October 17th 2018


The Secret AR Bordon UFO Group


Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. The phenomena consists almost entirely of ‘Pulsating orb’s of light”—unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous North American Indian Tribes.

Tonight, for the very first time on FADE to BLACK… Michael is delivering on his promise… we have five people from this secret group here tonight on F2B… and in classic FADE to BLACK fashion, this is live… and by the end of the broadcast hopefully we will have some answers to the questions that we seek…

Michael Lee Hill is here to reveal the members of that secret AR Borden NSA team.

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