DisclosureFest Special On Fade To Black

June 18th, 2019


Mass Meditation Initiative


Tonight is our annual DisclosureFest Special featuring Nassim Haramein, Billy Carson, Jason Quitt and Michael Tellinger and co-host, Adrian Vallera.

DisclosureFest is taking place this Saturday, June 22, 2019 in downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

DisclosureFest Foundation is a multi-cultural, community-based nonprofit platform. The Foundation unites heart centered, like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, provide education on health and wellness and create awareness of global, environmental and humanitarian initiatives with on-going volunteer based programs. ​

This is the 3rd annual community supported conscious gathering, The Mass Meditation Initiative in The City of Angels and is expected to draw around 15,000 attendees.

Mass-meditation, music, food, speakers, yoga and a film festival... all on a beautiful Saturday in the park!

Website: https://disclosurefest.org/

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