Erich von Däniken May 04th

Erich von Däniken won instant fame as a result of the television special “In Search of Ancient Astronauts,” based upon his first book. In 1993, the German television station SAT-1 started a twenty-five part TV series with and by Erich von Däniken, entitled “Auf den Spuren der All-Mächtigen” (Pathways of the Gods).

In 1996, the American TV company ABC/Kane produced a one-hour special, filmed all over the world, entitled Chariots of the Gods – The Mysteries Continue. This film was broadcast on the ABC network on September 26th 1996. In 1996/97 ABC/Kane produced another documentary with Erich von Däniken (seen on the Discovery Channel). In Germany, the biggest TV network, RTL, showed the film on November 26th, 1996. 7,7 million viewers in Germany alone watched the program. Today, Erich von Däniken continues his filming with ABC and RTL.

David Sereda May 05th

David Sereda’s first aspiration in life was to become an astronaut. In 1968, David and a friend witnessed a UFO along with hundreds of other witnesses. After this experience, David grew up as a UFO enthusiast never living in doubt of the phenomena that has swept the world since the Roswell incident in 1947. His interest in space, religion, philosophy, astronomy and science led him on his career in related fields. He has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues and as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He has studied world religion, science, physics and paranormal psychology for over 25 years.

Richard Shaw May 06th

A pioneer in non-linear editing techniques, Mr. Shaw founded Z Post in 1994, and is nationally known as an industry specialist in the field of computerized digital non-linear editing. Shaw was Vice President of Digital Solutions, Atlanta, (DSI) and was one of the founders of the company. DSI specialized in digital editing, 3D animation and compositing for post production houses.

The move to Hollywood in 2001 to do more serious work prompted Shaw to form Pinlight LLC in 2005. It’s purpose was to focus more intently on film, HD and electronic media projects, given Shaw the freedom to focus on the projects he was most interested in. This freedom didn’t come without its twists and turns, but is a decision that Shaw doesn’t regret.

Current projects he directed / edited include WATCHERS, a documentary series available on DVD about the many UFO sightings around the world. Hosted by LA Marzulli, a favorite on Coast to Coast AM, WATCHERS is now in production on its 9th episode. WATCHERS 1-8 is being released in a special new box set which includes over ten hours of video. Over the past five years, WATCHERS has sold approx. 100,000 DVDs and people keep asking for more.

Shaw hosted and directed “TORAH CODES End to Darkness” a startling new documentary with the discovers of the Torah Codes.

Shaw’s clients have included CNN, CBN News, WB, Cox Interactive, Billy Graham, Gold Mountain Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, New West Records, and Spiral of Life.

He continues to do both TV and Radio interviews when it comes to the Torah Codes, UFOs, or any of the topics covered in the WATCHERS series at home or abroad. He maintains a position on L.A. Marzulli’s board for continuing research on the Giants and their possible connection with the ancient Nephilim, referred to in the Torah.

Dr. Jonathan Young Apr 27th

Dr. Jonathan Young is a psychologist and storyteller ~ who is frequently seen on the History Channel as an expert commentator. He is a regular on the Ancient Aliens series (which is now in its eigth year).  He assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell for several years at seminars ~ and was as the Founding Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library in Santa Barbara. His articles and books focus on personal mythology. He also has a home-study audio course on The Wisdom of Mythic Stories.

As a professor, Dr. Young created and chaired the Mythological Studies Department at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara ~ where he now teaches in distance-learning graduate programs.

His early background led directly to his current work on mythic stories. He developed his deep love of stories through extensive initial exposure to folklore. He was one of six children in a much-travelled family. His parents read and discussed the lore of each place they visited, so he learned about The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, The Pied Piper in Hamlin, The Arabian Nights in Bagdad, The Life of the Buddha in India and Japan, and so forth.

Dr. Young lives in Santa Barbara when not traveling to give presentations on the mythic imagination. You can check his website at