Doug Taylor On Fade To Black Nov 5th

Douglas Taylor On Fade To Black

November 5th 2015

doug headshotAuthor, Teacher and Visionary Artist, Douglas Taylor has spent his life researching the unique and powerful lessons that are available thru altered and transcended states of consciousness. He has come to the conclusion that all the elements of your present personality are a relationship of past life experiences that continue to repeat the information that has been accumulated over a history of countless civilizations and lifetimes.


Book – Soulic Journeys,- A Visionary Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Website –

Michael Lee Hill On Fade To Black Oct 26th

Michael Lee Hill On Fade To Black

October 26th 2015

michael lee hillMichael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and this unassuming rocker seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. What makes these different than most sightings is that the phenomena consists almost entirely of ‘Pulsating orb’s of light’ characteristics. Unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous tribes. Michael’s Lake Erie UFO footage has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS News, Coast to Coast AM,, and in the feature film’s “UFO’s unplugged with Dan Aykroyd”, And David Sereda’s latest film From Here To Andromeda which Michael also co-produced. Michael has most recently been featured on the History Channel’s “UFO’s Hunters” show and filmed a pilot for a Alien/UFO based show for Spike TV in 2012 that was never aired for various reasons. — The Unified Field (CKDU) Radio


Paul Eno On Fade To Black Oct. 27th

Paul Eno On Fade To Black

October 27th 2015

paul-headPaul Eno is best known as the elder of the father-son co-hosts of the CBS Radio and WOON 1240 Boston show “Behind the Paranormal,” with an estimated 3 million listeners.

Paul was one of the first paranormal investigators of the early 1970s, beginning while he was studying for the priesthood. His early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film The Exorcist) and legendary, first-generation “ghost hunters” Ed & Lorraine Warren.

Paul graduated from two seminaries, but was expelled from a third because of his paranormal work with less than two years to go before
ordination. He ended up as an award-winning New England journalist and the author of five books on the paranormal and two books on history.

Haunted Housewives On Fade To Black Oct 28th

Haunted Housewives On Fade To Black

October 28th 2015

haunted housewivesTheresa Argie, aka “The Haunted Housewife,” has been involved in the paranormal since she could say “boo.” After years of residential and public investigations, Theresa joined up with para-historian Cathi Weber aka “The Ghost Lady,” and the Haunted Housewives (plural) were born!

The Haunted Housewives are heavily involved in community programs and do several paranormal themed fundraisers every year including events for the Lake County Historical Society, The Indian Museum of Lake County, Greenwood Farm, the Painesville Railroad Depot, and the Humane Society of Columbiana County. Historic preservation is their number one goal.

The Haunted Housewives have been featured on numerous national television programs including The Marriage Ref, Paranormal State, Haunted Collector, America Now, Paranormal Challenge, My Ghost Story, Talk Soup, and CNN Headline News.

Theresa has just released her first book for Penguin Press entitled “America’s Most Haunted: Secrets Of Famous Paranormal Places”.

The two also have a weekly radio program and website of the same name. The America’s Most Haunted social media presence includes over 20,000 Facebook friends and over 330,000 Twitter followers!


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