Christopher O’Brien Aug 12th

From 1992 to 2002 investigative journalist Christopher O’Brien
investigated and/or logged hundreds of unexplained events reported in the
San Luis Valley—located in South-central Colorado/North Central New
Mexico. Working with law enforcement officials from area counties,
ex-military members, ranchers and an extensive network of
skywatcher/investigators, he documented what may have been the most
intense wave of unexplained activity ever seen in a single region of North
America. His ten-plus year investigation resulted in the three books of
his “mysterious valley” trilogy, The Mysterious Valley, Enter the Valley,
(both St Martins Press) and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley. His field
investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, Native
American legends, crypto animals, secret military activity and the
folklore, found in the world’s largest alpine valley, has produced one of
the largest databases of unusual occurrences gathered from a single
geographic region.

His new book Stalking the Herd (600 pages 2014) is the most comprehensive
book ever written on the subject of “cattle mutilations.” It is destined
to become the go-to textbook examining this complicated mystery.

His recent book Stalking the Tricksters, released by Adventures Unlimited
Press (2009), distills his years of field investigation and research into
an ingenious unified field theory that addresses the apparent
interrelatedness between divergent paranormal phenomena.

O’Brien has appeared on over 70 TV show segments and documentaries and
hundreds radio programs around the world including, Ancient Aliens, Coast
to Coast, UFO Hunters, Inside Edition, Extra, Sightings, Unsolved
Mysteries, Unexplained Files and his investigations have been featured by
the History, Learning, Travel and Discovery Channels, the BBC, Nippon TV,
the Associated Press, Denver Post, Albuquerque Journal, Fate, UFO Magazine
and many other publications and media outlets too numerous too mention.

He has location-scouted, field-produced, supplied footage for dozens of
production companies and directed two segments for the TV show Strange
Universe. He is currently an associate producer for Ronald James Films,
and his film (co-produced with Ron James and Jennifer Stein) “It Could
Happen Tomorrow” won two 2012 EBE film festival Awards—for Best Feature
and The Peoples Choice Award.

Derrel Sims Aug 03rd

Derrel Sims The Alien Hunter is the world’s leading expert on alien abductions. His 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence. As a former military police officer and CIA operative, Sims has a unique insight to the alien organization which he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency. Sims is also a compassionate and skilled therapist who has helped hundreds of alien experiencers all over the world come to terms with what they’ve witnessed.

UFO Career highlights:

  • Discovered the alien implant phenomenon and pioneered research protocols; orchestrated first public surgeries and testing of alleged implants from the human body (1995) with 24 surgeries performed to date.
  • Discovered phenomenon of “alien fluorescence,” indelible sub-dermal traces and patterns that often follow alien/human contact. (1992)
  • Has in his possession largest collection of physical evidence of alien/human contact including skin samples, DNA samples, XRays/MRIs, sonograms, objects with possible forensic traces (glass, wall, etc.), anomalous implants/artifacts expelled from the human body and surgically removed.
  • Pioneered revolutionary hypnotherapy techniques for reaching beneath screen memories—some as much as 3 layers deep.
  • First abduction researcher to initiate reaction from alien species via post-hypnotic suggestions installed behind the abductee’s subconscious
  • As head of the Houston UFO Network, oversaw the Double-Mass Abduction of 1992 (report available upon request).
  • Work reviewed by Royal Society of Chemical Engineers (UK).
  • Development and practice of a multimodality approach using specialized techniques in memory retrieval and intervention therapies for use with the individual of traumatic events or desiring an improved lifestyle (not just UFO related).
  • First UFO researcher to be invited to lecture on alien abduction by the AMA, at a conference at John Muir Medical Center, on the “Medical Complications of Alleged Human/Alien Contact;” received  Letter of Appreciation (1994).
  • Developed an extensive questionnaire for alleged alien experiencers employing variety of analytical techniques including symbolic profiling, handwriting analysis, NLP and more.
  • Invited to join PARSEC, a European organization of doctors, physicists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals exploring the paranormal’s effect on the human mind.

Mark McCandlish Aug 04th

Mark McCandlish is an internationally-recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty years, serving the needs of many of the top American corporations in this regard. Mark’s father was a twenty-five year veteran of the United States Air Force and as a consequence, Mark has had a life-long love of aircraft and aviation history. His first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base in the State of Massachusetts, in the Winter of 1966 and he observed the craft through an 80 power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme velocity. He later discovered that this craft had been hovering above a flight of nuclear-armed Boeing B-52′s sitting on the Alert Ramp of the flight line on base. Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science that would make such incredible performance possible, and he believes there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. Having had literally dozens of sightings since 1966, he feels certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.


Nick Redfern 300th Episode Aug 05

It’s the 300th Episode of Fade To Black with Jimmy Church! Help us celebrate the day and listen in with special guest Nick Redfern and phone calls all night from some of the greatest guests we’ve had on the show so far!

Here’s to many, many more excellent episodes of Fade To Black!

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