Ben Moss & Tony Angiola On Fade To Black Dec 23rd

Ben Moss & Tony Angiola On Fade To Black

December 23rd 2015

The Socorro Incident

Ben Moss


Ben Moss has been with MUFON since the early 90’s. He is a native of Richmond Virginia where he studied Psychology at the University of Richmond.

Tony Angiola

Tony Angiola has also been with MUFON since the early 90’s and has been the assistant State Director of Virginia since 2014.

As a Mufon investigator, Ben also diligently studies such disciplines as History, Archeology, Physics, Astronomy, Religion and many other
Sciences required to investigate such an elusive subject as ‘UFO’s’.
Since a chance encounter with James Fox at the 2014 Mufon Symposium, Ben and Tony Angiola began a long and thorough search for what Ben
called ‘The Lost Socorro Footage’. After locating and presenting this VHS video, Ben and Tony were mutually introduced to the Socorro original NICAP investigator, Ray Stanford, through Jan Harzan.

Ben and Tony have spent 100’s of hours discussing this case in person with Ray, a friend of the late Dr. J Allen Hynek, Project Blue Books UFO expert. Ray revealed new and revolutionary evidence regarding this case to us and still possesses material gathered form the site, including the rock broken under one of the crafts landing struts, which is still under study.

Tonight we will look from the inside out of the Air Forces investigation of this case, which today is still classified as an “Unknown”. Ben and Tony have been researching this case for over a year now and have collected an impressive amount of new data, including footage and audio recording from original witnesses.

Fader Night

Have A Happy Fader-Holiday

December 24th 2015

Bart Sibrel On Fade To Black Dec 14th

Bart Sibrel On Fade To Black

December 14th 2015

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

Bart Sibrel is an award winning filmmaker, writer and investigative journalist who has produced films shown on ABC, NBC, CNN, TLC, USA, BET and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has appeared on The Daily Show, Geraldo, NBC, CNN, FOX, Tech TV, The Abrams Report and back again on Coast to Coast AM.


Bart directed the Apollo documentary: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon and Astronauts Gone Wild.

Tonight we’ll be discussing the Apollo moon-landing hoax, his documentaries and the recent, alleged Stanley Kubrick 1999 interview.


Bob Mitchell On Fade To Black Dec 15th

Bob Mitchell On Fade To Black

December 15th 2015

Close Encounters


Bob Mitchell Covered crime, police, general news, municipal politics and sports for The Toronto Star for 35 years before taking company buyout in May 2013.
Bob has since re-invented himself as a freelance writer and media relations consultant.
Mitchell had a variety of assignments from writing AHL stories to CFL stories for American newspapers and news articles for several Canadian weekly newspapers. Author of four true crime books, including one that was turned into a movie.

Bob has written three UFO books:

All are available through