SoulTech And The 'Boarding Benevolence'

World Premiere

On Fade To Black

March 6th, 2019


Soultech 2.0


SoulTech and the 'Boarding Benevolence' World Premiere March 6th
Tonight we announce the worldwide premiere of our 2018 SoulTech documentary: Boarding Benevolence and also the launch of the 2019 SoulTech website.

Tonight we will have some special guests who will be presenting at this year's conference who will give us a sneak preview of what to expect at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado over the July 4th weekend!

Boarding Benevolence features Jason Quitt, James Gilliland, Jimmy Church, Billy Carson, Micheila Sheldon, Peter Maxwell Slattery, Holly Marie, Laura Cantu, Steve Murillo, Matthew Ryan, Teresa Yanaros and Christine Contini.

It was shot over a one week period during the SoulTech conference that was held at ECETI Ranch in August, 2018.


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