Jason Gleaves On Fade To Black April 17th

Jason Gleaves On Fade To Black

April 17th 2018


UFO Photos: Computer Analysis


Jason Gleaves joined the Royal Air Force in 1986 at 17 years of age and completed his basic training at RAF Hereford, home of the S.A.S.

Jason was stationed at RAF St Athans, RAF Cosford, RAF Honington (Strike command), and Valley, Coningsby, Marham, Brize Norton and Sealand until 1997.

Gleaves new book: UFO PHOTOS: COMPUTER ANALYSIS OF WORLDWIDE UFO IMAGES THROUGH THE DECADES covers historical photos using up-to-date processing techniques of Unidentified Flying Objects and Anomalies through the decades taken from around the world, revisiting some well known documented Ufo cases from the past to more recent times

Tonight we will discuss his new book and his own personal UFO account at RAF COSFORD Air Force Base U.K. during 1993 and the important connection and aftermath regarding the U.K. Ex-Ministry of Defense UFO Project.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ufonly/

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