FADE to BLACK Disclosure Special LIVE Event : BREAKING: UFO Disclosure

FADE to BLACK Disclosure Special LIVE Event

December 16th 2017

BREAKING: UFO Disclosure


Our guests: Grant Cameron, Linda Moulton Howe, Peter Levenda, Larry Holcombe and Dan Willis… no commercials… three straight hours of guests and back to back phone calls…because:

Today, The NYT, USA Today, the BBC, Fox, The Business Insider, Politico..most of the mainstream media went with the story: UFOs and Disclosure… Harry Reid, The Pentagon, CIA… black UFO budgets…the Navy ‘tic-tac’ video… OK…so now it’s out there…in a big way… Tom Delonge and TTS are starting to deliver… will it continue???

We discuss this amazing day and it’s events with our guests and take calls from all around the world in this very special, non-stop, 3-hour commercial-free marathon special.


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Disclosure LA Festival Special Broadcast On Fade To Black June 7th

Disclosure LA Festival Special Broadcast

On Fade To Black

June 7th 2017

The Mass meditation Initiative

Disclosure Fest is designed to raise the vibration of humanity through a united connection of live music, visual arts, meditations, sound healing, workshops/lectures, interactive experiences and exposure to local and global brands. The goal is to reach like-minded seekers of truth and those new to disclosure topics such as historical and esoteric information, health and wellness breakthroughs, future science and technology and the power of intention through meditation that connects our world through unity for environmental awareness and humanitarian initiatives.

Disclosure Fest is rolling out a series of events in 2017, partnering with California State Parks for “The Mass Meditation Initiative”, an event free and
open to the public on Saturday June 17, 2017 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown LA.

Tonight we will talk with the organizers of the event, some of the amazing speakers and tell you how you can get free tickets…

Website: https://disclosurefest.com/

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