Ron Felber – Steve and Dawn Hess On Fade To Black Feb 17th

Ron Felber

Steve and Dawn Hess

On Fade To Black

February 17th 2016

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In 1989, Steve and Dawn Hess headed out to the Mojave Desert, anticipating a quiet camping trip. But when they were kidnapped by what they believed to be a swarm of alien beings, the shock and pain of the experience changed their lives forever. Author Ron Felber joins Jimmy to update us on the case, and welcome the Hess’s following Ron’s appearance on FADE to BLACK when the incident was first revealed…tonight they’ll be discussing their nightmare which began when they spied hundreds of shiny objects flashing signals to one another in the nighttime sky.


Ron Felber on Fade To Black Oct. 12th

Ron Felber on Fade To Black

October 12th 2015

Ron Felber SMRon Felber is a graduate of Georgetown University where he received his BA, Loyola University where he received his Master’s Degree, and Drew University where he earned his Doctorate. Ron has published eight novels including the “Jack Madson” series “A Man of Indeterminate Value” and “The Kafka Society” and four non-fiction books including “Il Dottore, The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor” which was the basis for the FOX prime time television series “The Mob Doctor”. Mr. Felber was a Deputy Sheriff transporting federal prisoners after graduating college. Those experiences were used for some of his early non-fiction articles written for the iconic True Detective magazine. Ron was also the CEO of a major manufacturing company. His latest book is “Mojave Incident”, a true story of Elise and Tom Gifford, who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials during a desert camping trip.