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Starworks USA

StarworksUSA is founded in support of both the research & inquiry into the UFO phenomenon and those who have had the profound experience of contact with extraterrestrial life.

Our conferences are designed to change the perception of ET contact. We promote the belief that contact is a unique form of communication and integration with our galactic neighbors which defies explanation of time and space.

Rather than perceiving separation and fear, we seek to raise the consciousness of our planet with heart centered connection with our galactic neighbors.

We realize we do not have all the answers but strive to ask the right questions.


Look UP!

Nighttime Sky Watch Event At The Historic Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs Grounds.


Hoffman Optics

UFO Night Vision Goggles can expand your vision. Check out the wide range of quality optical gear.

Rivermoon Private Blends

Our offerings are thoughtfully customized, roasted blends and our master roaster always ensures that everything going out the door is the freshest of fresh. As an artisan brand, our offerings are roasted to order. That means that when your order comes in, two business days are required for roast time, then that batch is given 24 hours to degas and then it is shipped. To ensure quality, we do not roast, let the coffee sit on the shelf and then ship.

Life Change Tea

Try the tea that everyone is talking about! Nothing does what Life Change Tea Does! We have no competition! Life Change Tea helps support a healthy body, tastes great, and leaves you feeling refreshed every day.


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