Spencer Cross is the author of The Great Pyramid: A Factory for Mono Atomic Gold as well as a contributor to Approaching Singularity: The Genesis of Creation by S. Jason Cunningham. Cross was a Real Estate investor up until July 2012 when he was thrust into the field of alternative history after receiving information in his dream state that was crucial to understanding the soul’s journey through time space.

At this point he quickly divested out of his entire Real Estate portfolio to free himself up to pursue the truth of humanity’s past and its potential future. The subject of the Great Pyramid of Giza has intrigued Cross since he was a boy when, in 1992, he visited Egypt with his family. After his visit to Giza, the mystery of the Pyramid became a splinter in his mind which captivated and enthralled him to this day. A breakthrough came when Cross was researching an amazing substance called “Mono-Atomic Gold” or “White Powder Gold.” What he soon discovered was the same fundamental requirements necessary for the chemical reaction in breaking down large gold molecules into gold nano-clusters were all present in the design of the Great Pyramid. Cross has combined evidence from several popular modern theories to demonstrate this amazing series of reactions. In the book he presents circumstantial evidence for why this substance was being manufactured… and how and why it is beneficial to all of us.
Spencer has a Bachelor of Science from Wesley College in Business and 13 years of experience in Banking, Real Estate and Small Business startup and management.
Please visit Cross’s book website to learn more about the book and ways to purchase at www.pyramidfactory.net. Follow him on Twitter @RealTimeTruth and watch educational spiritual presentations on his YouTube Channel RealTimeTruth. And please feel free to contact him at [email protected]



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