Joshua Shapiro Jan 13th

Joshua Shapiro is known as a Crystal Skull Explorer.  He has worked with various friends over the years, to offer numerous special public events related to the crystal skulls including recently, various festivals and conferences where several crystal skulls and their guardians have come together.

Joshua saw his first ancient crystal skull in San Jose, California in 1983, made from amethyst quartz crystal which is known as “Ami”. Over the years, Joshua (now working closely with Katrina Head) has given numerous presentations throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Australia.  He is also a crystal skull investigator and author and the co-caretaker of more than 10 crystal skulls.

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  1. 14th January 2015 | Joshua Shapiro says:
    It is a great honor to be on "Fade to Black" - one of the premier on-line shows which discusses key subjects we should all know about - if you have ever heard about the crystal skulls but didn't know what they were about, this is part of what we will cover as well as about some the amazing adventures I have had with the skulls and where they are taking us (my life partern, our crystal childen and I) going forward - hope you enjoy the show - Joshua
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