Ben Hansen was the lead host and investigator of the SyFy channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.

With three seasons on the air, the show focused on recreating videos and photos of alleged paranormal events to see if they have a natural explanation, were hoaxed, or if they remain unexplained.  The six person team takes on cases of ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, chupacabras, mermaids, and other unusual occurrences.  Hansen graduated from the University of Utah and went to work investigating child physical abuse and sex crimes at the state level for several years before moving on to work for the FBI.  His speciality consisted of forensic interviewing and working with special victims.  Hansen is a spokesperson for Bushnell's line of night vision equipment which can be found at

When he's not filming, he travels the country lecturing, and conducting public UFO and ghost investigating events.


  • Former FBI Special Agent
  • Former Child Sex Crimes state investigator
  • Certified High-Intensity Forensic Interviewing/Interrogation Techniques
  • BA in Sociology and Criminology
  • Fluent Spanish
  • International lecturer (primary subjects are Profiling Hoaxers, Deception Detection Techniques, and exploring possible UFO conspiracies)
  • Contributor to Huffington Post as video and photo analyst
  • Licensed FAA Pilot
  • Advanced Tactical Handgun Defense Instructor
  • Chief of Media and Entertainment for PrepperCon (a disaster and survival preparedness expo)
  • Spokesperson and distributor for Bushell's line of night vision and thermal imaging equipment


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