Ron James June 22nd

Ron James is a prolific award-winning filmmaker and writer.  He specializes in topics that enrich human understanding. James has covered subjects such as: New Science, the Paranormal, the ET Issue, Metaphysics and Contemporary Spirituality.

He has produced over 250 DVDs on these subjects and has won a combined total of 20 national awards for media arts.

His Internet TV network, Ivolve TV, ( is a media outlet dedicated to such topics.

Ron hosts the online TV show, “Bigger Questions,” which explores mysteries such as: life after death, our place in the universe and the fusion of science and spirituality, which he believes is crucial to humanity’s future.

James has won many awards including the EBE Award for ET-related films four times.

He was also the media producer for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and has been instrumental behind the scenes in the ongoing congressional hearing initiative undertaken by Paradigm Research Group.

He was recently a producer on two upcoming films “Travis: the true story of Travis Walton” with filmmaker Jen Stein and “Marilyn Monroe Declassified” with filmmaker Paul Davids.

His New book, “Messiah: Awakenings”, is a work of fiction that brings a contemporary Christ into conflict with the forces of the Global Elite.

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