Dr. Carmen Boulter May 26th

Dr. Carmen Boulter is a Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She teaches in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. She has been researching and writing about the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt and goddesses around the world for 2 decades. Her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.  Dr Carmen Boulter is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code. She is the Director, Producer, and writer of the series. Carmen has had an unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there 25 times.

Through embassy support, Carmen did extensive research in the archives of the Egyptain Museum gaining official access to the Rare Books Library of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University where the field notes of excavations done around the pyramids in the early 1900s are held. Carmen is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. Over the past decade, Carmen has been a university professor developing online curriculum. Her latest achievement is Interactive-U.com, an online learning and social action network.

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  1. 5th June 2015 | Rexer says:
    Awesome show ! Carmen rocks... love to hang with her in egypt someday!! But first we need to get rid of all the B.S. red tape and get on with the BIG DIG !! THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREEEEE!!!
  2. 27th May 2015 | SJ-BC says:
    was a great guest, enjoyed her report and news. very well spoken both of you ) thanks for taking my call, the chat line has mentioned you recently and i caught the show link on shoutcast at first and searched out your show site as the interview got interesting! i'd like to have you on my show on Revolution Radio just tto chat radio experiemces, my first radio interview was 1958 my skype is SJ-BC phone is 604 864 9649 i'm up in BC SJ
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