Adam On Fade To Black Feb 24th

Adam On Fade To Black

February 24th 2016

Visitations And Abductions of Co-Opted Kind

Adam Ambrose has had ET contact for over 52 years. He lives on the East Coast and is an aspiring writer.
Has been having multiple abduction experiences since birth and pre-birth and tonight he will share everything with us…some of these later turned into co-opted abductions.
Ambrose then had a series of regressions with the late Budd Hopkins…and this broadcast will cover everything. Get ready.

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  1. 1st March 2016 | Randy says:
    I found Adam's recollections to be equally unbelievable as they are convincing. And personally, as a multiple event ufo experiencer and possible abductee (never regressed and never wished to be) I heard a couple of things that I could relate to. the pre-birth memories, balls of light, presence of beings in my room at night as well as others. I found myself in concert with your own comments of fascination. Anyways I just wanted convey my appreciation of this interview. It isn't hard to distinguish between somebody spinning a yarn and somebody recalling stories from memory. And in my estimation Adam, is recalling from memory.
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