Alex Mistretta On Fade To Black Jan 25th

Alex Mistretta On Fade To Black

January 25th 2016

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Alex Mistretta, is one ofthe few full time professional investigators in the field. He is the former MUFON Los Angeles Director of Investigations, founder of Phenomena Research, co-founder of the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Los Angeles, and former member of Big Cats in Britain. Following his studies in Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Alex has devoted his life to research into the paranormal, UFOs, hidden history and Cryptozoology. Described as part Mulder and part Indiana Jones, Alex has also been featured on several television shows, including UFO files and Legend Hunters.

Tonight Alex will be LIVE in the studio for a full evening of the paranormal…and taking your calls.


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  1. 26th January 2016 | Dino says:
    Dear Jimmy and Rita, To have Alex Mistretta on the same night as the new X Files premiere is great for those who do not have access to a live TV tonight. After all, many of the X File plots and its whole theme come from those cutting edge investigators like Alex who have been looking for THE TRUTH out there for years. Much Thanks, Dino
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