Alex Teplish On Fade To Black

October 7th 2015

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Alex Teplish was born in Odessa, Ukraine, formerly known as the USSR. Having his grandparents survive concentration camps during the Holocaust and his parents struggling to live a decent life, they decided to immigrate to the United States, while Alex was still young. He went on to enjoy an average, American childhood and life growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Since an early age, he has had an inquiring mind and took a great liking and interest in Science and all things related; astronomy, extraterrestrial life, science-fiction, and comic books. There was also another, very inquisitive side of Alex that found interest in art/drawing, history, various religions & cultures, and other ancient stories.

Since graduating from Stony Brook University, Alex Teplish has worked diligently for over 18 years to become a leading expert in Web/Mobile Technologies, Graphic design, and Digital Marketing. His work in Graphic Design has also contributed to his recent project, a graphic novel, “In The Beginning: The Epic of Anunnaki”. Alex's project, “In The Beginning: The Epic of Anunnaki”, explores the theories of creation as told in The Book of Genesis, but with an ancient, extraterrestrial influence. After extensive research and collaborative efforts with artists and experts from around the world for a number of years; Alex Teplish has surely composed an intriguing and thought-provoking work with, “In The Beginning: The Epic of Anunnaki”.


Fade To Black
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