Andrea Perron On Fade To Black

April 1st, 2020


House Of Darkness - House Of Light



Andrea Perron  On Fade To Black April 1st
Tonight, our guest is Andrea Perron.

Andrea is the author of the trilogy "House of Darkness House of Light". She began her incredible odyssey of the supernatural at the age of 12 when her family moved into a house that they later came to understand was beyond mortal existence.

In 2007, she began writing "House of Darkness House of Light" because the time had come for the Perron family to disclose their secrets to the world that was ready to receive them.

Her family and life is also the story of the film, "The Conjuring".

With the success of the film franchise, only one side of their history has been told; there is much more and tonight we will discuss every angle that has not been presented before in a public forum.

Andrea graduated from high school in 1976 and attended Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 1980 with an interdisciplinary degree in Philosophy and English.

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