Beth Leone On Fade To Black April 12th

Beth Leone On Fade To Black

April 12th 2017

Aligning With The Divine

Beth Leone shares Keys to Unlock Your Inner Bad Ass Superpowers. Her mission is to help empower a new race of super humans who embody love, power, pleasure and protect beauty on earth. Beth-Leone-Qigong

In order to transform a life threatening illness, she devoted her life to embodying wisdom from ancient lineages including shamanism, martial arts, and sacred sexuality. Beth Leone is the creator of the Divine Feminine Mystery School, The Priestess Path initiating Priestesses of the Tao. She holds 5 black belts in Shaolin kung fu and is the first female master and lineage holder in her martial art lineage.

As a pioneer in the field of women’s empowerment, she weaves together many lineages to share initiations for women to embody the Divine Feminine. The Priestess Path Initiation is designed to empower women to be a blessing​ to the world. ​

Beth has authored 2 books on Qigong and also shares lineage information from the sacred sexual traditions. She wrote The Yoni Care Handbook to offer practical tips for caring for a woman’s most intimate parts and she is currently working on her next book about Sacred Partner Alchemy.

Next initiation begins April 27th.


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