Caroline Cory On Fade To Black September 7th

Caroline Cory On Fade To Black

September 7th 2016

Starting Point: Heaven Or Earth?

Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary author and the founder of the OMnium Method™.  Even though Caroline completed graduate studies in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, most of her knowledge and deeper awareness came about through direct experience.

Caroline’s encounter with the worlds of Consciousness, Energy Medicine and Spirituality started at the early age of 5 when she spontaneously began to perceive various forms of subtle energy. With time, her ability to perceive and discern subtle energy with precision allowed her to identify what Source Energy really is. She could experience and understand more deeply the cosmic roadmap and the structure of consciousness, the multi-dimensional configuration of the human body and mind as well as the construct of earthly reality.

Her experiential curriculum covers a variety of subjects including Mind Mastery, Consciousness Expansion and Spiritual Awareness, DNA reconfiguration and Zero Point healing techniques.


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  1. 7th September 2016 | marjan says:
    excited to listen to Caroline Cory tonight!
  2. 7th September 2016 | marjan says:
    Anxiously waiting to hear what Caroline Cory has to share!
  3. 8th September 2016 | Edward Kalaman says:
    that was absolutely amazing!!!

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