Chris Medina On Fade To Black

January 20th 2016

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Chris Medina is a natural born Psychic-Medium with Native American ancestry (Apache) born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His earliest memory of having this 2nd sight was when he was about 3-4 years of age. Friends and family would come around and he would hear and see things about a certain person or persons that were so specific, telling them this information often came as a shock. Being so young, he could not understand why everyone else didn't know or see the same things that he did.

The realization of what he could do made him understand how very different he was from most of the people that he encountered. It became apparent that he was seeing more than just faces and clothes on people. As he got older, his senses became stronger and the encounters were not always pleasant. He began to see energies, as well as the ability to hear certain things.

One specific encounter that still sticks with him today is when Mr. Milton William Cooper payed him a visit in 2008. It was always from a dream state and through a radio. Chris could literally hear the feedback coming through. Cooper was very insistent on showing him “certain” things. He showed Chirs things that he was not aware of in his material life: chemtrails, Government conspiracies, aliens, etc. He was very adamant and always made sure Medina remembered what he was saying the morning after, by repeating it over and over.

Tonight we will discuss William 'Bill' Cooper, Medina's life as a psychic and his mission in life.


Fade To Black
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