Contact In The Desert 2017 On Fade To Black May 19th

Contact In The Desert 2017 On Fade To Black

May 19th 2017


This is our annual live broadcast Special Event from Contact in the Desert, 2017 with a live studio audience.

Our guests, like every year, will be announced the day of the show…we usually have 12-14 of the very best authors and researchers for one of the most exciting and fun evenings all year on FADE to BLACK.

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  1. 25th May 2017 | IceSphere says:
    Empathetic "Ambassador of Earth", and 'raptor hunter... (well, if it doesn't pan-out, at least I wrote a kids book..?) but an FBI question you might want to think about... Could they just... make you CIA- and you don't even know you work for them..? In any case, I think you represent Earth "Way More" If you manufacture money... do you just give to everybody..? Or... buy "spies" nobody can know about- or even how many
  2. 24th May 2017 | [email protected] says:
    When will the CITD episode be available for download? Thanks! Claire
  3. 22nd May 2017 | jedipaul says:
    When will it be available for download? Thank you.
  4. 20th May 2017 | IceSphere says:
    Many thanks... Nobody could've made this show as good as a trip to the desert Gobekli Tepe
  5. 16th May 2017 | Dean says:
    Hi guy n gals, I'm new and not sure what I'm doing, will contact in the desert be aired live and can I listen on a standard membership? Thanks in advance Dean from England

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