Dave Schrader On Fade To Black October 30th

Dave Schrader On Fade To Black

October 30th 2017


Frightmare Tales – Halloween Special


Dave Schrader is the host of the long running paranormal talk radio show, Darkness Radio and now heads up BEYOND the DARKNESS, part of the Jericho Network on http://PodcastOne.com and can be heard as a regular fill in host on Coast to Coast AM.

Dave has lived a life immersed in the paranormal, from ghostly visitations to growing up in a haunted house, Bigfoot sighting and UFO encounters he seems to always find the right place at the right time. His overwhelming fear of death keeps him constantly seeking answers and trying to understand his place in the universe and in the afterlife.

Tonight, on Halloween Eve… Dave will tell us his best Frightmare Tales… yes, he is the guy you don’t want telling stories around the campfire…or, maybe he is JUST the perfect choice… tonight it’s Schrader bringing his A-game!

Website: http://www.darknessradio.com

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