Dave Sheldon and Rob Whitworth On Fade To Black

June 27th 2016

"Road2Ruins" documentary

Dave Sheldon and Rob Whitworth comprise the "Road2Ruins" documentary film crew. These long time friends left the conformity of the corporate world to unorthodoxly pursue hidden, world history. They believe our high school history text books are teaching us to believe their version of history. The "Road2Ruins" videos feature locals, non-academics and well-known RobSM"alternative" historians presenting their interpretations of prehistoric sites, their customs and legends and cultural achievements. Dave and Rob have documented many enigmatic sites across America, have made several trips to Central America, will be in the UK next month and have been invited by Dr. Sam to tour the Bosnian Pyramid next year. They would like to make the diversity of the world's history and cultures more accessible thru their YouTube Channel.

Website: http://road2ruins.com
Twitter: @Road2Ruins
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8NJQfTDNA0Nxvq1557I-g?spfreload=10
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Road2Ruins/502425533175908?ref=hl

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