Thom Reed Dec 15th

Thom Reed is the founder of Miami Models, and is the son of the late Dr. Howard Reed, a Connecticut attorney and politician, who was supported by Senator Christopher Dodd in his run for office.

​ The ufo encounters of the Reed family, date back to the 1960’s in the town of Sheffield, Massachusetts. The Reed case was assigned a vallee classification of “CE4” with a case category of 3 (physical evidence). The Reed ufo case remains one of only a few to be mentioned within the walls of the United Nations.
The Reed Family case made local news back in 1969 when it aired on WSBS Radio. The case has since made Fox News, Canada’s Morning Show, the LA Times, and the front page of the Berkshire Eagle, as well as others. It was also the premier episode of Discovery Channel’s new series, “Alien Mysteries”, and has been featured in Sci Channels “Uncovering Aliens”.

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  1. 16th December 2014 | Les says:
    thanks for A great show! I love Being able to Hear the whole story w/ the editing done to it by the TV Networks. It was nice hearing what He does for a living not just what happened to Him! I hope He's doing OK He sounded a bit tired or Fatigued.
  2. 15th December 2014 | Drew Huggard says:
    Been waiting for this one. Can't come soon enough!
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