Charles I. Halt Dec 16th

Charles I. Halt is a retired United States Air Force colonel and the former base commander of RAF Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. After serving in Vietnam, Japan and Korea, he was assigned to Bentwaters as deputy commander. The Rendlesham Forest incident of late December 1980 occurred shortly afterwards, and he was an important witness to events on the second night of sightings.

In the late hours of December 27, and early December 28, 1980 then Lieutenant Colonel Halt led a patrol to investigate an alleged UFO landing site near the eastern edge of Rendlesham Forest. During this investigation they witnessed several unidentified lights, most prominent of them being a bright flashing light in the direction of Orford Ness. In January 1981 Halt composed an official Air Force memorandum[1] listing details of the events. The memo was then dispatched to the Ministry of Defence. Halt also made an audio tape recording of the incident.
After retiring from the US Air Force in 1991, Halt made his first public appearance in a television documentary, where he confirmed the authenticity of the Rendlesham Forest incident. In 1997 he was interviewed by Georgina Bruni for a book about the Rendlesham event, You Can’t Tell the People. He has also appeared in several television documentaries.

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  1. 17th December 2014 | Jeff Krause says:
    Well...certainly kindled one hot fire! Tonight's follow-up show with Peter Robbins certainly has the potential to be one of the most talked about broadcasts in the history of UFOlogy. Any listeners who want to be primed for what is going on could download Peter's book: Deliberate Deception from the Phenomenon Magazine website for free (all 7 parts!) and get a heads-up on the issue that will be coming to a head tonight I suspect. Jimmy...this is going to be a golden moment in radio! See you at Tracy's gig in Glendora Friday night? Merry Christmas, Jeff Krause MUFON State Director So CA MUFON State Section Director Tri-County MUFON STAR Team MUFON Field Investigator
  2. 17th December 2014 | Les says:
    Was Not expecting That reaction From the ExCol. I mean WOW! Once again Jimmy You handled the situation w/ Dignity & Respect! Thank You Jimmy!
  3. 16th December 2014 | Les says:
    This is One I've been waiting for, for quite a while! I've never heard Him on internet Radio b4 & w/ 2 1/2 hrs to say His peace. GONNA BE AWESUM!!!
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