Ed Nightingale On Fade To Black March 28th

Ed Nightingale On Fade To Black

March 28th 2018


The Giza Template


Edward Nightingale’s new book, The Giza Template: The Leo, Orion Relationship, explains the significant astronomical aspect of the Giza Plateau.

Tonight we will discover the latest secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza: the new chamber above the grand gallery and how it was designed, what information it contains and most importantly why it was necessary to create this incredible “repository” followed up by the evidence of the knowledge of the Template being used in architecture, great works of art, symbolism, and heraldry, from the days of its construction to the present day.

The Leo Orion Relationship demonstrates how the measurements of the movements of celestial bodies were precisely recorded at Giza and, literally written in the stars as asterisms or pictures that tell a story of the cyclical nature of the world that we inhabit and how our ancient ancestors were warning us of the cyclical climatic disruptions associated with specific geometric alignments within the cyclical movements of Leo, Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades.

Website: http://www.thegizatemplate.com/

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