October 19th, 2021


ET Contact Update


Fade To Black - Anjali - October 19th.

Tonight, Anjali has cancelled... so... It's FADERNIGHT with open lines all night long... your calls, your conversation: UFOs, Conspiracy, Time Travel, the Paranormal and Supernatural, Lost History and Pop Culture.

Special Guest Host: Cristina Gomez!!! Lue Elizondo calls in... this is a VERY special night on F2B!!!

Fadernight is the greatest night in all of talk radio in all of the world... un-scripted, un-censored, un-screened, and un-filtered.


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Añjali joins us to give us a full update about ET Contact and Disclosure that may happen before New Years Eve, 2021.

Formerly assigned to the Pentagon, it was Añjali’s position supporting the U.S. Marine Corps’ intelligence efforts for deploying executives that first brought her to Southern California in 2015. Now, she will head the diverse team and return to the base before the end of 2021.

Añjali served in the United States Air Force USAF SAC/ACC 1992-1995, Lead Intelligence Officer, Information Operations/Information Warfare (IO/IW) 2004-2005, Team Lead, Human Factors Leadership, DIA Director Interagency Country Review Project 2005, Defense Intelligence Agency Intelligence Liaison Officer, Executive Support Office, J2/J3, Pentagon 2005-2006, BAE Systems Lead Intelligence Analyst, for Defense Intelligence Agency 2006-2009, Katmai Government Services Social Media & Open Source Intelligence Instructor 2015-2016 Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California, Human Factors Intelligence Consultant 2017- 2021.


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