Eric Awakening Man And Arcturus Ra

September 27th, 2021


UFO/Bigfoot Road Trip


Fade To Black - Awakening Man And Ra - September 27th.

Monday on FADE to BLACK: Eric Awakening Man and Arcturus Ra join us to discuss their recent "road trip" to Utah and beyond... what did they discover? What did they see? Did they make contact? Tonight, we'll find out!

Awakening Man has been on a lifelong journey to find answers to the UFO question, Bigfoot... and all things unexplained. He travels the country to locations, shooting videos and conducting interviews with some of the most interesting people in our community.

Arcturian Starseed ambassador Arcturus Ra, awakened to his purpose, shares his personal activation or remembrance of being an Arcturian Scientist and Starfleet Commander. He shares his knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe, how to bio-hack yourself into seeing other dimensions, where we go at night when we sleep and much more fascinating information about his (and our) E.T. heritage.



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