Bob McGwier

January 5th, 2021


on UFO's, governments, and middlemen


Fade To Black - Bob McGwier - January 5th.

Tonight, our guest is scientist, UFO/UAP researcher, and professor Bob McGwier and we are going to discuss the rumors about a classified/top secret image of a black triangle UFO exiting the ocean surface that is part of a government agency report.

Bob holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. He was an early pioneer of software defined radio (SDR) at the Institute for Defense Analyses Center for Communication Research. Bob founded Federated Wireless Inc in 2012 and Hawkeye 360 Inc in 2017. Bob recently moved back to his home state of Alabama after retiring from Virginia Tech as a professor, Director of Research and Chief Scientist of the Hume Center.

He is also a member of SkyHub and SkyHub Science Advisory Group



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