Brigitte Barclay

March 7th, 2024


1993 Brentwood Abduction


Fade To Black - Brigitte Barclay - March 7th


Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Brigitte Barclay will share her life time of close encounters with craft and beings including the Brentwood Holiday Inn Abduction in 1993.

Brigitte Barclay is one of the most respected figures in ufology. As a high profile contactee, her work as a close encounter experiencer has been studied by the world’s foremost UFO and Alien Abduction researchers, and her reports have been featured in numerous books. Her unique and detailed encounters – which continue to this day, have enabled her to work with luminaries such as Budd Hopkins, Dolores Cannon, John Mack, and Nick Pope; the former UK Ministry of Defence specialist with whom she has collaborated extensively. Pope, the leading authority in Ufology, considers her ongoing UFO/UAP experiences to be amongst the most intriguing and compelling that he has examined.

Her work has been featured in national newspapers. She has appeared in popular television documentaries on networks such as the BBC, ITV, History Channel, SyFy Channel, and National Geographic, amongst others, and has served as a production advisor on a variety of other programs over the years.


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