Caz Clarke

March 11th, 2024


Pentyrch UFO


Fade To Black - Caz Clarke - March 11th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Caz Clarke joins us as the primary witness to the main event of the Pentyrch ufo incident in February 2016. She is not a ufologist, but since the incident she has investigated not only this case, but the authorities behind the cover-up. She will be detailing the sighting and the events before and after the incident.

Caz is a 59-year-old home maker with a loving family. She certainly did not believe in UFO’s or conspiracies. Now her life has turned upside-down in a new world she did not even know existed. A world where everything we have been taught was a lie, is the truth, and everything we have been taught was the truth is a lie.


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