Chris Evers

December 18th, 2023


Outer Limits Magazine


Fade To Black - Chris Evers - December 18th


Tonight, Monday, on FADE to BLACK: Chris Evers, the owner and editor of Outer Limits Magazine, joins us for our 10th Anniversary Special has he presents mysterious tales and stories surrounding UFOs and ET. Some will be well known accounts... while many will be presented to you for the first time.

Chris resides in the city of Kingston upon Hull, in the East Yorkshire area of the UK.

He is the owner and editor of Outer Limits Magazine, a six times a year online publication dedicated to the paranormal world which we live in. He presents his monthly podcast 'Signals' on the Paranormal Panorama Network, in which he interviews many of the worlds noted investigators of the unusual, the unexplained and the downright weird. Chris has had an interest in the UFO subject since his own strange experience in 1974. An experience he is still seeking the answer to, for over 50 years.


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