Dave Beaty

June 6th, 2022


Recent Navy UAP Sightings


Fade To Black - Dave Beaty - June 6th

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Dave Beaty is with us and we are going to cover recent UAP sigtings with the USS Kearsarge and USS Ronald Regan... and also discuss the "Apache" UAP video.

Emmy-Award winning television producer and cinematographer David C. Beaty is a former broadcast journalist, UAP researcher, and filmmaker. His career in non-fiction television and documentary spans 25+ years with production company Dreamtime Entertainment. Career highlights include national programs on Travel Channel, History Channel and PBS and, more recently the short UFO documentary film “The Nimitz Encounters” which has received over 5 million YouTube views since May 2019. His research includes numerous interviews with navy vets and analysis using FOIA of more recent UAP incursions in military training areas.


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