Dennis Stone

June 22nd, 2023


America's Stonehenge


Fade To Black - Dennis Stone - June 22nd


Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Dennis Stone of America's Stonehenge is with us to talk about the study, research,theories, astronomical alignments, archeological work at the site over the last 85 years.

President of America’s Stonehenge. He graduated from Daniel Webster College in 1977 with a degree in aviation management. He was a full time airline pilot before his retirement in 2016. America’s Stonehenge was opened to the public in 1958 by Dennis’ father, Robert Stone. Dennis has been involved in America’s Stonehenge for most of his life, and has always had a fascination with archeology and archeoastronomy. Since retiring, Dennis has found several serpentine walls and spirit windows throughout the site, among other new discoveries. He has taken numerous courses, and traveled to various ancient sites throughout the U.S., and internationally.


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