FADE to BLACK Disclosure Special LIVE Event

December 16th 2017

BREAKING: UFO Disclosure


Our guests: Grant Cameron, Linda Moulton Howe, Peter Levenda, Larry Holcombe and Dan Willis... no commercials... three straight hours of guests and back to back phone calls...because:

Today, The NYT, USA Today, the BBC, Fox, The Business Insider, Politico..most of the mainstream media went with the story: UFOs and Disclosure... Harry Reid, The Pentagon, CIA... black UFO budgets...the Navy 'tic-tac' video... OK...so now it's out there...in a big way... Tom Delonge and TTS are starting to deliver... will it continue???

We discuss this amazing day and it's events with our guests and take calls from all around the world in this very special, non-stop, 3-hour commercial-free marathon special.


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Fade To Black
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