Dr. Bruce Cornet

May 18th, 2023


Ice Ages And Ancient Pyramids


Fade To Black - Dr. Bruce Cornet - May 18th


Tonight, Thursday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Bruce Cornet joins us to talk about the cause of Ice Ages and Ancient Pyramids!

Dr. Bruce Cornet received a B.A. degree in biology and a Masters degree in paleobotany from the University of Connecticut. He graduated from Penn State in 1977 with a Ph.D. in geology and palynology.

In 1992 he discovered that he lived next to the Pine Bush UFO hotspot in New York State, and began a three year, 24 square mile magnetic survey, discovering many underground anomalies and documenting over 140 close encounters with unconventional aircraft or UFOs.

He is profiled on ResearchGate, and has published 21 scientific papers, two books, and numerous abstracts on subjects in paleobotany, palynology, and geology.

In 2003 he was hired as Deputy Administrator at the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in Las Vegas, where he learned about Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and made reports of UFOs and anomalous aircraft sightings until that institute shut down in 2004.

Currently, he is writing about his Spiritual Epiphanies and on Hudson Valley – Pine Bush UFOs, and is continuing research into Skinwalker Ranch, and into aerospace black project disclosures of ARVs or Alien Reproduction Vehicles.


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