Dr. Garry Nolan

December 12th, 2022


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Fade To Black - Dr. Garry Nolan - December 12th


Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Garry P. Nolan is with us and tonight we are going to discuss career and interests in our community.

Dr. Nolan is the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He trained with Leonard Herzenberg (for his Ph.D.) and Nobelist Dr. David Baltimore for postdoctoral work. He has published over 320 research articles and is the holder of 50 US patents and has been honored as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford University.

Dr. Nolan is the first recipient of the Teal Innovator Award from the Department of Defense, the first recipient of an FDA BAAA, and received the award for "Outstanding Research Achievement in 2011" from the Nature Publishing Group.

Dr. Nolan is an outspoken proponent of translating public investment in basic research to serve public welfare and serves on the Boards of Directors of several companies.

His most recent companies are spatial biology companies, including IonPath, and Akoya (AKYA, a NASDAQ public company).

Dr. Nolan's efforts are to enable a deeper understanding not only of normal immune function, trauma, pathogen infection, and other inflammatory events but also detailed substructures of leukemias and solid cancers to enable new understandings that will enable better management of disease and clinical outcomes.

Website: https://profiles.stanford.edu/garry-nolan

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