Dr. Simeon Hein

April 10th, 2024


Mulitverse Physics


Fade To Black - Dr. Simeon Hein - April 10th


Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Dr. Simeon Hein is with us to discuss the Multiverse, Physics, Remote Viewing, CERN, and Disclosure.

Dr. Simeon Hein is a former university professor in statistics and research methods. He came across the idea of remote viewing in 1996 and took a training class as a skeptic. The results of the training were surprisingly positive and convinced Dr. Hein that there is a large area of scientific knowledge that is being withheld from public discussion. Subsequently, he established the non-profit Institute for Resonance and began teaching remote viewing classes in Boulder, Colorado and continues to teach online. He also became interested in the topics of crop circles, unexplained aerial phenomena, and extraterrestrials.

Website: https://mountbaldy.com/

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