Gail Thackray

January 17th, 2022


Soul Fix And Repair


Fade To Black - Gail Thackray - January 17th

Tonight, Monday on FADE to BLACK: Gail Thackray joins us for a night of Soul Fix and Repair!

Gail is a success coach who believes we can be both materially successful and lead a spiritually empowered life.

She is the author of “30 Days to Prosperity: A workbook to Manifest Abundance,” “What’s Up with Your Life? Finding and Living Your True Purpose,” and several spiritual books on Natural Healing, Reiki and Developing Intuition. Gail has led groups around the world seeking inner truth and spiritual enlightenment. She is extremely intuitive helping people embrace these aspects into their daily lives.

Recently, Gail surprised us all with her latest book, “Running with Wolves” revealing her former life as a mega business mogul at the launch of the adult Internet.



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