JP Hague

May 14th, 2024


Mysteries Of Mauritius


Fade To Black - JP Hague - May 14th

Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: JP Hague is with us to talk about the Multidimensionality & Meaning of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in and around the Indian Ocean... and his firsthand encounters and pivotal investigations.

JP Hague, an English and Mauritian lawyer, has had "exceptional experiences" throughout his life. As the National Director of MUFON Mauritius and the founder of UFOlogy Mauritius & Indian Ocean, JP delves into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), especially those displaying non-local characteristics, following his move from London, England, to Mauritius.
JP's Passion for researching, advocating, and writing on this topic, leads to a balanced approach, recognizing the profound connection between UAP and the universe's enigmatic mysteries. JP believes that merging esotericism, spirituality, and science offers the insights needed to understand the complex layers of reality that intertwine with our own: worlds within worlds.



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