Kathleen Ball

September 20th, 2023


Templars In Brasil


Fade To Black - Kathleen Ball - September 20th


Tonight, Wednesday on FADE to BLACK: Kathleen Ball is here for a deep dive into the Knights Templar in Brazil: We will challenge the traditional narratives and inspire a new wave of historical research.

Dr. Kathleen Ball is a researcher, traveler, and explorer of ancient sites.
After a life altering NDE in 1990, Kathleen began a career as a professional artist and art professor which spanned thirty years. Prior to retirement, she discovered a Templar Cave in Brazil while exploring the back country in the Chapada National Reserves. Kathleen then set out to create her film The Brazilian Templar Mystery which is the story of her discovery of this cave hidden in a remote area on the outskirts of a small Brazilian town, Alto Paraiso. A cave carved by the Knights Templar which has provided evidence of early Templar travel to the Americas. She then published the back story of this discovery, which became a quest and involved a series of initiations by fire, water, illness, and several dark nights of the soul.
Kathleen has done extensive research into the history of the Templars and backtracked their trail through Portugal, France, Turkey, Scotland and England in a search for the true purpose of the order and what that means today. Her ongoing research trips include Malta, a return to Portugal the UK and France, Spain, Italy, Jerusalem, Ethiopia and Brazil.
Dr. Ball is committed to revealing the true agenda of the Mysterious order of knights, known as the Knights Templar.


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