Krista Raisa

September 21st, 2021


Oracle Starseed


Fade To Black - Krista Raisa - September 21st

Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Krista Raisa joins us for the first time to discuss the film: "Extraordinary: The Revelations" and the Orion Council.

Krista Raisa is an oracle. Her card decks are based off of 10,000 readings and over 10 years’ experience servicing the starseeded community. Starseeds are souls who began to incarnate on Earth after World War 2, to help with planetary ascension. She is one of these souls. Her mission began with channeling the Orion Council in the parking lot of Whole Foods, in New Jersey. Since then, she has reached over 2.5 million people and continues the work from Sedona, Arizona. The Orion Council Material is now a self-published book series on Amazon.



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