Laird Scranton

March 12th, 2024


Waters of Life


Fade To Black - Laird Scranton - March 12th


Tonight, Tuesday on FADE to BLACK: Laird Scranton will be discussing his recent book 'The Waters of Life', which is a continuation of ideas from the prior book 'Amma and the Spark of the Universe'.

Laird Scranton, born in 1953 in Wallace, Idaho, received his upbringing and education in Salem and Portland, Oregon. As one of the early male coeds, he attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, graduating in English with proficiency in computer programming. Scranton ventured into the field of independent software design, contributing his expertise to approximately 200 businesses. In the late 1990s, he embarked on a journey of studying comparative cosmology.

In 2002, Scranton self-published his debut book, "Hidden Meanings," later republished as "The Science of the Dogon." This publication caught the attention of Egyptologist John Anthony West, who personally assisted in securing a publisher for the book. Currently, Laird Scranton resides in Albany, New York.


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